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Tony Tebbe NS750 EXTREME Signature Series SCAN. SHOOT. RECOVER. Light Kit with EXTREME DIMMER Switch

Predator Hunter Outdoors

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(NEW) for 2019! Tony Tebbe NS750 EXTREME Signature Series SCAN. SHOOT. RECOVER. Light Kit with EXTREME DIMMER Switch.

The brightest, farthest shining,  highest quality built, Hunting Light Kits available today!

A Hunting Light Kit with options like no other! With 750 yards of identification with red green and white and 1000+ yards for the (IR) Infrared, the predators don’t stand a chance! 

Designed and Engineered in the USA by Predator Hunters, for Predator Hunters!

Available with 3 dimming options! 

NightSnipe Wireless Dimmer Dial Tailcap!

(Comes with all NS750 Extreme Kits). Illuminate your NS750 from 0-100% IR illumination. This newly designed dimmer dial wireless tailcap allows the hunter to make adjustments without the use of a coiled / remote switch by simply turning the dimmer dial on the back of the NS-750.

NightSnipe Coiled / Remote EXTREME Dimmer Dial Slide!

Illuminate your NS750 from 0-100% light illumination .This dimmer Slide switch can be fully operated with just the push of your thumb in a NATURAL shooting position. This allows the hunter to keep their NORMAL hand position grip on the rifle for optimal accuracy and performance. This switch can be mounted anywhere on the weapon.

NightSnipe Coiled / Remote Extreme Dimmer Dial Switch!

Illuminate your NS750 from 0-100% light illumination. This newly designed dimmer dial switch allows the hunter to make adjustments with a simple turn of a dial to reach the precise amount of light desired. This switch can be mounted anywhere on the weapon.


The all new NS-750 Extreme Hunting Light has been designed to be the best of the best! Lighter, brighter and with more options than any other light on the market! Designed and engineered in the USA to exact specifications to ensure the highest quality standards in the industry.

We took a deep look into how we could improve the current designs of most dimmers available in the marketplace. 99% of dimmer switches available will emit at least 10% light when you turn the dimmer / light on. This can often times be a disadvantage to the hunter as they have no control over the 10% of light other than actually turning the light back off. As we all know, predator hunting can be, and often times is a very fast paced, seconds to prepare and take the shot sport. This is especially true when hunting at night. There’s allot going on and having to worry about turning your dimmer switch on and off should not be one of them! 

The all new designed dimmers allows the hunter to actually turn their dimmer switch on at the start of the set and have NO light being emitted from the light! This allows the hunter to focus on calling, watching for game, and prepare for the shot. When the game appears, all you have to do is simply slide / turn your dimmer dial forward and emit from 1-100% light. This is extremely important in staying undetected all while seconds away from being ready to take the shot!

With our specialty designed indicator coiled dimmer switches, you'll know if your NS750 is powered on just by noticing the small red glow on the switch itself. No more accidentally leaving your light illuminated  just to have a dead battery at the next stand.

Nothing was left out or spared in the designing of the new NS750 Extreme!

Feed that Night vision scope the optimal amount of IR Light!!! Illumination at 1000+ yards with the NightSnipe NS750 IR Illuminator!

Most IR lights available are either a 1 mode, (high) or a 3 mode, (Low/Medium/High).  Night vision scopes can be very picky on the amount of IR light they prefer for different hunting situations to reach the optimal viewing picture. To little light and your target isn’t being illuminated to its full potential. Too much IR light will result in a complete white wash out of your picture resulting in losing your target in the scope.

The all new NS-750 Extreme IR led and dimmer allows the hunter to use the exact amount of IR light for picture perfect illumination. From 1-100% IR light illumination means there is no other IR illumination / dimmer quite like it!

The NightSnipe NS750 (IR) Infrared Illuminator! Nothing illuminates like a NightSnipe!

 Tony Tebbe NightSnipe NS750 EXTREME  Signature Series Hunting Light Kit comes standard with:

1 x The NightSnipe NS-750 EXTREME Adjustable Beam Light.

1x NightSnipe Interchangeable Extreme Scanning Headlamp.

1x NightSnipe Extreme white LED Pocket Recovery Light.

1 x Wireless Dimmer Dial Illumination, ON / OFF tailcap.

1 x YOUR CHOICE of a Coiled Dimmer Illumination SLIDE Switch OR Coiled Dimmer Illumination DIAL Switch.

1 x NightSnipe Adjustable Mount System. (Mounts to any Picatinny Rail or the provided rail scope mount).

1 x Interchangeable extreme powered 100,000-hour CREE DIMMER led available in your choice of green, red, white and IR (Infrared).

1 x  NightSnipe Headlamp Interchangeable extreme powered 100,000-hour CREE  led available in your choice of green, red, white.

1 x Universal AC/DC  (4 battery) home or car charger.

6 x Rechargeable, 10-year rated Lithium Ion batteries (18650, 3.7 volt, 2400+ mAh).

EXCLUSIVE, Industry leading hard plastic NightSnipe carrying case with protective foam cutout insert.


NEW Mount System:  (Mounts to ANY picatinny rail or the provided rail scope mount). 

 Just like mounting a rifle scope, keeping your light as close as possible to your scope / weapon is crucial for maximum performance. Having to high of a mount will result in improper beam placement and insufficient adjustments that will not allow your tightly focused light beam to be centered in your scope and on your intended target. In addition to improper beam placement or lack of overall adjustment, the adjustment knobs on 99% of similar mounts are too small and become seized up very quickly leaving you with a now nonadjustable mount.

A great majority of the adjustable mounts available in the market are very low-quality builds. They lack precise CNC machining, quality internal components such as springs, ball bearings and other crucial parts that make up the mounts. We have also found that most of the mounts do not fit the light tubes properly due to improper hole / screw placement, hole depth and sloppy engineering of the mount ring.

We engineered and designed our adjustable mounts in the same fashion as our lights with tight, fluid like, precise adjustments for pinpoint accuracy. Not only did we improve the overall CNC machining of the mounts we also increased the ball bearing diameters, springs and travel adjustments to ensure a full range of adjustment both vertical and horizontal.

We also increased the overall size of the adjustment knobs for easier finger placement and quicker adjustments. Additionally, we increased the size of the main mounting nut for easier mounting and removing of your light / mount from the picatinny rail.


Tony Tebbe – Owner and founder of Predator University!

When it comes to top Predator Hunters a few names stand out above the rest. Tony Tebbe and his Predator University is one of them! Tony is known worldwide for building custom and production calls, guiding, calling, filming, video production, breeding and training decoy dogs, appearances in various predator hunting videos, television shows, member and moderator of multiple internet forums, and seminars across the country! Tony is also well known for competing and placing in some of the largest predator hunting competitions in the United States.

For 2018 Predator Hunter Outdoors and Tony Tebbe have teamed up to bring you the Tony Tebbe Signature Series Scan, Shoot and Recover kit! This kit was custom designed by Tony and Predator Hunter Outdoors and is like no other in the industry! The kit offers the NEW NightSnipe Interchangeable LED Headlamp for hands free eyeshine scanning, NEW adjustable beam gun mounted light for shooting and a specialty NEW recovery light for finding your predators after the shot.

With 30 plus years of hunting predators in 19 different states, Tony is known worldwide as one of the best.

“10% of predator hunters kill 90% of the predators” – Tony Tebbe.

NightSnipe Hunting Lights help him to do just that, “After the Sun Goes Down”!!!

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