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NightSnipe NS220 Adjustable Beam Light RGW

Predator Hunter Outdoors

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NightSnipe NS220 Adjustable Beam Light RGW

Key Features: Includes Red, Green and White LEDS

  • Universal scope mount system allows for mounting to any size scope tube or barrel diameters. 
  • 200+ yards of full body identification and 500+ yards of eyeshine reflection.
  •  Precisely engineered adjustable beam focus bezel allows adjustments for flood or extremely tight, pin point beam placement.
  •  Bezel rotation allows for quick flood / focus beam adjustments.
  •  Self-contained, rechargeable 18650 batteries will keep you hunting all night long.
  •  Interchangeable (100,000 hours) American made RED, GREEN, WHITE BEAM CREE LED.
  • 2 – mode low / high beam power selector
  •  Light and CREE LEDs manufactured under an ISO9001 certified manufacturer for consistent engineering and reliability.
  •  Constructed of aircraft grade T-6 aluminum with type III hard adonization for heavy impact and recoil resistance.
  • Heavy duty plug with remote screw in coiled (click) on / off switch allows for quick, easy light illumination.
  • Precisely designed convex glass lens to achieve the highest light magnification possible.
  • Built in halo shield allows for less light spill and maintains a focused beam.
  • Water resistant with included O-ring seals including LED seal for added protection.
  • 100% operational at temperatures down to -45 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Tested, designed, serviced and warrantied in the USA.

NightSnipe NS220 Hunting Light Adjustable Beam is an excellent choice for the budget minded predator hunter! 

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