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NightSnipe Class 1 Headlamp Kit

Predator Hunter Outdoors

  • $ 119.99

NightSnipe Class 1 Headlamp Kit

Designed and Engineered in the USA by Predator Hunters for Predator Hunters! 

The brightest, farthest shining headlamp in its class!

The all new NightSnipe interchangeable LED headlamp / scan light by Predator Hunter Outdoors!! Originally designed for the predator hunter, the NightSnipe line of headlamps soon became recognized as the ultimate, do- all headlamp by professionals in a variety of different fields. Whether it’s Predator hunting, coon hunting, deer hunting, fishing, camping, working, or anything else done in the dark, the all New NightSnipe headlamp has you covered. Depending on your need, you can change your LED color module (available in red, green and white) in less than 30 seconds making this the only headlamp you will ever need.

Rated at an astonishing 1200 lumens it will light up the night like never before. Unlike most headlamps that use weak powered “one time use” batteries, the NightSnipe uses 2 extremely powerful 3.7 volt lithium (10 year rated) rechargeable batteries that are included in the kit. These are the same batteries that power our top of the line NightSnipe hunting light gun and bow kits; a nice added bonus that keeps both power sources consistent, easily swappable and chargeable in both light charging sources.

The NightSnipe headlamp housing is constructed of lightweight/high strength aluminum alloy that will withstand years of use in a variety of extreme environments. The lens of the lamp is coated, tempered glass that will not scratch and fade like most lenses on the market. Available in red, green and white LEDs.

Key Features:

  • All new QUICK interchangeable LED modules available in red, green or white. Change your LED color in 30 seconds! (Additional LEDs sold separately)

  • Comfortable, ergonomic, lightweight fit that can be worn on ball caps, winter hats or hard hats.

  • Rechargeable 18650 – 10 year rated Lithium –Ion batteries (same batteries used in all of our lights)

  • Capable of 200+ yard full body illumination and 500+ yards of eye shine reflection.

  • Operational at temps down to -45 degrees Fahrenheit

  • 1200 Lumens

  • 2 – Mode design, low / high is the preferred, most beneficial and simple design for predator hunting

  • Used by professionals in the hunting, fishing, camping, construction and farming industries.

  • Flambeau custom foam cutout hard case for storage and protection when not in use.

  • Industry leading warranty and customer service.

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