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Trail Cameras FAQs


  1. How do I choose the right trail camera?
    1. Determining  how  you plan to use your camera can go a long way in your ultimate purchase decision.  Some common camera usage options are:

                                           i.      Bait Station  

                                           ii.      Trail or runway

                                           iii.      Property Surveillance

  1. What options should I look for in a trail camera?
    1. The following are general aspects of most trail cameras.

                                            i.      Picture Quality – are pictures clear enough to identify objects?

                                            ii.      Detection Range-how far away can an object be in order for detection?

                                            iii.      Trigger Speed-how long will it take from time of detection to capture an image?

                                            iv.      Recovery Time-how quickly a camera is ready to take a follow up picture.

                                            v.      Battery Life-how often will I have to replace the batteries in my camera?

  1. What is the difference between White Flash/Infrared/Black Flash cameras?
    1. White Flash = Incandescent flash, basic flash generally produces the clearest of pictures.
    2. Infrared Flash = Low glow transmission of light.  Can be seen by wildlife but generally more covert than white flash.
    3. Black Flash = True no flash.  The most covert option as there is no visible emission of light.

 Once you have determined what you plan to use your camera for and the type of flash option you would like it is time to select the model.


If you are simply using your camera over a bait station or feeder a good choice would be a basic white flash model camera which has multiple image capture options.  For a trail setting you would want a camera with a quicker trigger time and a faster recovery rate in order to quickly take follow up pictures as objects will generally be moving at a faster pace.