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Synthetics Scents Vanishing Tactical Spray

Buck Fever

  • $ 6.99

Synthetics Scents Vanishing Tactical Spray

Vanishing Tactical was designed specifically for Bullet Proof Vests to control odors. This product does not mask the odors, it neutralizes them and leaves your tactical gear without any odor! Spray is safe for use on clothing and skin to neutralize body odors.

Vanishing Tactical Scent Controlling Spray work in 3 ways:

1. Controls odor causing bacteria

2. Neutralizes odor rich lactic acid.

3.Stops the formation of stinky gases.

Lasts all day on skin, even when sweating. Synthetic components have an infinite shelf life and are unaffected by temperature.

Once you use Vanishing Tactical, you will never use anything else because it Works!

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