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Synthetic Scents Vanishing Angler Spray

Buck Fever

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Synthetic Scents Vanishing Angler Spray

FISH SMELL HUMAN ODORS! Vanishing Angler was designed to enhance and improve your fishing experience through the elimination of Human odor on flies, baits, lures, leaders and anything that may come in contact with human odors. Many people are skeptical and say how can a fish smell human odors in the water? Some fish can smell human odors from miles away. We have conducted tests where we spray one set up with Vanishing Angler and the other without. On average with identical setups, there was a 9 to 1 increase in catch success over the line that did not neutralize human odors! 

Spray your hands before handling baits. Spray hooks, leaders, lures and then apply live baits. Spray rod handles. Eliminating human scents and using bait scents allows the fish to only smell the baits, which is natural.

Vanishing Angler Scent Controlling Spray works 3 ways:

1. Controls odor causing bacteria

2. Neutralizes odor rich lactic acid.

3.Stops the formation of stinky gases.

Lasts all day on skin, even when sweating. Synthetic components have an infinite shelf life and are unaffected by temperature.

Once you use Vanishing Angler, you will never fish without it because it Works!

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