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Primos Predator Call Lil' Dog - Randy Anderson


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A small howler with a big bite. The Lil' Dog comes with two separate mouthpieces: just pop the white one on for long-range calling and the green one on for close-in calling. The detachable horn gives it great versatility. The Lil' Dog is an open-reed style call that reproduces mouse peeps, distress calls of birds, jackrabbits, cottontails, fawns and pup whines. It is also a great pup howler. Blow 'em away with the Lil' Dog. (Includes: Instructional Mini CD)
Shipping Dimensions
Actual Weight: 0.2 pounds.
Dimensions: 1.5" (W) x 9" (H) x 4" (D)
Weight Disclaimer: * Weight may vary based on configuration.

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