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Cuddeback’s Dual Flash revolutionizes trail cameras. No other camera on the market can do what Dual Flash does. Trail camera users have learned that IR has better illumination range, but Black Flash is totally invisible. Neither illumination is better, they are just different for different applications. With built in IR and Black Flash, Dual Flash is ready for all users in all situations. Program Dual Flash to use IR or Black Flash, or select IR for images and Black Flash for videos or any combination you wish.

Featuring an industry leading ¼ second trigger speed that captures the deer that so many other cameras would miss. Add Super-Fast Recovery Speed that is ready for the next picture within 1 second of taking the first, and the result is Cuddeback can capture 2 photos before many cameras can capture the first. And the pictures are incredible. 20MP images with stunning daylight color and black/white night images. On top of the performance, we added a ton of cool and innovative features, such as Zone Control, separate day/night delays, fully customizable time lapse and many more. Dual Flash also is compatible with Cuddeback’s wireless mesh network called CuddeLink. With CuddeLink images from up to 16 cameras are transmitted to 1 camera. Instead of checking all your trail cameras, you only check one. (CuddeLink compatibility requires separate purchase of CuddeLink CL-CAP ). Cuddeback Dual Flash – the ultimate in versatility and performance.


- Resolution: 20 MP
- IR or Incandescent: IR and Blackflash Modules
- Memory Card Type: SD (Not Included)
- Battery Type: D (Not Included)
- Cellular Compatible: No
- Viewing Screen: No
- Photo Stamping: Date, Time, Moon Phase, and Name
- Flash Range: 100'
- Time Lapse Mode: Yes
- Audio and Video: Yes
- Trigger Speed: 0.25 Seconds
- Multi Shot: Yes
- Video Length: 10, 20 or 30 Seconds
- Dimensions: 6.40" H x 3 1/2" W x 3" L
- Color: Brown

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