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Browning Trail Cameras: Recon Force Extreme FHD Series Cameras

The New Recon Force Extreme FHD series camera features an 80-ft detection range, and adjustable IR flash modes for optimum picture control at night. Another great feature is the built-in 2-inch color display to preview exactly where your camera is aimed in the field as well as check your images from your camera. The Recon Force Extreme FHD camera also features high quality 20MP images and 1920 x 1080 Full HD video with sound. And the video is so amazing that you can play back the video clips of that giant buck you’re after on a 60-inch TV without losing any video clarity. The Recon Force Platinum series camera also uses an infrared flash that will illuminate the wildlife in your pictures and videos out to 120- feet. The “Zero Blur” technology also captures images at night using the fastest shutters to eliminate motion blur from animals moving at night. Additional features include a Smart IR video detection system, which allows the camera to continue recording video footage for up to 5 minutes during the daytime and up to 20 seconds at night as long as the game continues to move in front of the camera, and an SD card “memory management” option that allows users to simply overwrite older images on the SD if the memory is full. Also, new for the 2017 the Recon Force Extreme FHD is compatible with 512 GB SDXC memory cards.

Model #BTC-7FHD-PX

Key Features:

20MP Camera

2” Color Viewing Screen

Infrared LED Illumination at Night Adjustable IR Flash (Power Save, Long Range, Fast Motion)

1920 x 1080 Full HD videos with sound (Settings Range from 5 sec. - 2 min. in Length)

Timelapse Plus Camera Mode with Infrared Triggered Pictures

Compact Case Size 5.0” x 4.0” x 2.5”

Supports up to a 512GB SDXC Card (SD Cards Not Included)

Distance & Speed Features:

120 ft. Flash Range 80 ft. Detection Range

0.4 Second Trigger Speeds 0.8 Second Recovery Time

Up to 8 Multi-Shot Images

Up to 8 Rapid Fire Images

Programmable Picture Delay (Delay Settings Range from 5 sec. – 60 min.)

Additional Features:

SD Card “Memory Management” Option

Smart IR Video Detection System

Long Battery Life from 8 AA Batteries (Batteries Not Included)

12 Volt External Power Jack TV Out and USB Port

Picture “Data Strip” Displays: Time, Date, Temperature, Moon Phase, & Camera ID

Camo Finish

Compatible with Browning “BuckWatch Timelapse Viewer” Software

Threaded Insert Size of 1/4” – 20 on Bottom of Camera for Mounting Purposes

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